Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Utopia, Ohio, is approximately one hour from Thomas More College, on US-52 near New Richmond. This particular utopia existed in two forms. First, from 1844-46, the community was known as the "Clermont Phalanx" and organized according to the utopian visions of Charles Fourier (1772-1837). After the failure of the Clermont Phalanx, the "individualist anarchist" Josiah Warren founded Utopia, a community whose economy was organized according to Warren's "principle of equivalents." Warren's principle made cost, rather than "value", the limit of price.

" The word cost is used in its most philosophical and most comprehensive and exact sense - Signifying the endurance of whatever is disagreeable."

 "Fatigue of mind or body is Cost. Responsibility which causes anxiety is Cost. To have our time or attention taken up against our preferences -to make a sacrifice of any kind - a feeling of mortification - painful suspense - fear- suffering or enduring anything against our inclination, is here considered COST."

" If a barrel of flour cost its producers, carriers, and venders thirty hours' labor, then thirty hours of any other labor, whether with the hands or the mind, which was equally painful, disagreeable, or repugnant (if Wanted by the other parties), would constitute an equitable and legitimate price for the flour."

Josiah Warren

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